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Special Ed Chem Wastes
Conference Program
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What is EcoLomics?
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Sp Ed WTO & Science
SNSF2 Sc & Risk Comm
Biosafety MOP3 Curitiba
Risk Communic FrWk
EC-Bt SPS 5.7: a Right
Sindico WTO & Climate
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Doha t&e: Oil or Sand?
Amicus Briefs EC-B'tech
L'OMC et la précaution
PP after Japan-Apples
Protocole de Carthagène
Didiedr Nsasa PMP OMC
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L'évolution du PP
Codex: its Functioning
PP Evol & 4 SPS Cases
UNEP 1972-92 PhD U. Thomas
A New Compromise?
IPRs on Plant Gen Res
FNS UniGE Rég Biotech
SNSF UniGE Bt Regul



Preparations are presently underway to resume the publication series
under a slightly different name:

EcoLomic Policy and Negotiation






EcoLomic Policy and Law


Vol. 1-7




Volume 5-7  Special Edition 2008-2010


The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions
on Chemicals and Wastes - Regulation,

Sound Management and Governance


Guest Editor: Professor Anne Petitpierre

Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

Start-up Funding: RUIG/GIAN
This Publication has been initiated thanks to a Conference on Trade, the Environment and Technology Transfer held at IHEID, Geneva, on 24.1.2008. Financing was provided by the Geneva International Academic Network RUIG/GIAN.


vii-ix Anne Petitpierre




Urs P. Thomas

The International Management of Risk: An Overview
of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions




Hamoudi Shubber




The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals
Management (SAICM): Development and Opportunities


45 Mirina Grosz and
Pierre Portas

Environmentally Sound Management –
Towards a Coherent Framework

Bridging the Basel, the Rotterdam,
 and the Stockholm Conventions

70 Ulrich Hoffmann  
Encouraging Environmentally Sound and
Economically Viable Recycling of Used Vehicle
Batteries: Lessons from the Philippines


 Urs P. Thomas

The Rotterdam Convention
on Prior Informed Consent



Pia M. Kohler and
Melanie R. Ashton


 Implementing the Stockholm Convention:
An Increasingly Expensive Challenge

114 Urs P. Thomas
Chemicals and Wastes - A Model for Clustering MEAs
or More Complicated than Appearances?
Annex A
           158                  Selected Acronyms
           163                  Selected Online Resources on Chemicals and Wastes
Annex B
Posted with Permission

15 p. Earth Negotiations
Summary of the simultaneous Extraordinary COPs to the Basel,
Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and the 11th Special Session of
the UNEP Governing Council /Global Ministerial Environment
Forum: Bali, 22-26 February 2010
32 p. CIEL Addressing Nanomaterials as an Issue of Global Concern
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) May 2009
 3 p. UNCTAD Main Analytical Points of the
UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2009/2010



Volume 4 - 2007

   What is EcoLomics?
 Research Essay

52 p.

Urs P. Thomas

International EcoLomic Policy -
Emergence and Dimensions




Volume 3 - 2006


Special Edition 2006, 115 p.

WTO Law, Science and Risk Communication

In Cooperation with the University of Geneva's Law Faculty

Edited by Professor Laurence Boisson de Chazournes and Urs P. Thomas


v  Laurence Boisson de Chazournes and Urs P. Thomas



2006 (1/2)
Double Issue

 Anne Petitpierre, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Makane Moïse Mbengue, Urs P. Thomas

WTO Law, Science and Risk Communication

a Synthetic Overview

 Swiss National Science Foundation Project 2nd Phase 2004-06


2006 (3/4)

Double Issue


Mireia Martinez


The Biosafety Protocol and Risk Communication:
Developments at the 3rd Meeting of the Parties (Curitiba 2006)


2006 (5)


Makane Moïse Mbengue and
Urs P. Thomas

Risk Communication,
Informing the Public, and Notification Procedures in Multilateral Environmental Agreements


2006 (6)


Maria Julia Oliva

Article 5.7 as an Autonomous Right in the SPS Agreement - an Overview of the Key Implications of the EC-Biotech Case


 2006 (7/8)

Francesco Sindico

Climate Taxes and the WTO: Is the Multilateral Trade Regime a
 Further Obstacle for Efficient Domestic Climate



Volume 2 - 2005


2005 (1)
32 p.

Urs P. Thomas

Oil or Sand in the Trade and Environment Machinery?
The Doha Round at the WTO's 10th Anniversary

Research Essay

2005 (2)  
23 p.

Robyn Eckersley

A Green Public Sphere in the WTO: The amicus curiae
Interventions in the Trans-Atlantic Biotech Dispute


2005 (3) 
20 p.

Gabrielle Marceau

Le principe de précaution dans la jurisprudence de l'OMC -
Leçon inaugurale, Université de Genève, Faculté de droit

2005 (4) 
14 p.

Denise Prévost

What Role for the Precautionary Principle in WTO Law

2005 (5/6)
 64 p.

Badr Zerhdoud

Le régime juridique international des biotechnologies:
entre libre-échange et protection de l’environnement

2005 (7/8)

14 p.


Didier Nsasa Makamona

Les procédés et méthodes de production (PMP)
dans le commerce international



Volume 1 - 2004

15 p.

Makane Moïse Mbengue
Inaugural Issue

Le Principe de précaution dans le commerce international - à propos de l’évolution du Principe 15 de la Déclaration de Rio
30 p.

Urs P. Thomas

Codex Alimentarius and Environment-Related Food Safety:
the Functioning of the Global Standards
15 p.

Makane Moïse Mbengue and
Urs P. Thomas

The Precautionary Principle’s Evolution
in Light of the Four SPS Disputes
208 p.

Urs P. Thomas

UNEP 1972-1992 and the Rio Conference,
PhD Thesis (1992)

19 p.

Jean-Philippe Thérien The Politics of International Development:
Towards a New Grand Compromise?

12 p.

Gloria Lam

No Small Potatoes: Intellectual Property Rights
and Genetically Modified Organisms

2004-7 -  47 p.
2004-8 -  41 p.
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Aperçu /

SNSF Research
Project I UniGE

Research Team:
Anne Petitpierre, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Franz Xaver Perrez, François Pythoud, Makane Moïse Mbengue, Urs P. Thomas
Trade, the Environment, and
the International Regulation of Biotechnology