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EEEE -- The Quadruple-E 
Global Sustainability Paradigm:

Ecology, Economy, Energy and Equity



This bibliography may be useful for researchers who are looking for references concerning political and legal issues in the interface of ecological sustainability and economic globalization. It contains over 700 references which have been selected because they provide information which can be of use in understanding the issues that are discussed or documented on this site (see "Scope" section for an explanation of the subjects covered). A number of these resources are available online and contain the link.


Most references have been selected because they provide arguments that support ecolomic thinking, analysis and policy-making at an overarching, intersectoral level, i.e. they provide substantive support for policies and regulatory frameworks aiming at an improved and more balanced  interaction between environmental concerns and economic priorities (see "Presentation" section for the conceptual framework on this site's Homepage). They make a contribution in explaining the political and legal complexities of these interactions.