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This subsection contains the

Chemicals and Wastes portion

of the wider RUIG/GIAN Project 2006/08



Afternoon Roundtable:
The International Regulation of Chemicals and Wastes


The RUIG Roundtable on Chemicals and Wastes of January 24, 2008, organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva in cooperation with IHEID has brought together a number of (inter)governmental experts on the Geneva-based Chemicals and Wastes Conventions for informal presentations and discussions with negotiators, academics and specialized NGOs.

bullet The Online Publication  
The EcoLomic Policy and Law
Vol. 05/07 2008-2010,
Special Edition on Chemicals and Wastes,

edited by Prof. Anne Petitpierre-Sauvain,
has been initiated at this Roundtable.
bullet Detailed Speakers' List
bullet The Chemicals and Wastes Conventions:
Summary of the Roundtable of 24 January, 2008